The Perfect Balance: The Cocktail Man & Silent Pool Distillers

Sustainable spirits – that’s what we like to hear, isn’t it? Drinks made in tune with the natural world, creating and crafting without hurting the surroundings at the same time. The dream. One such distillery, a hidden gem tucked away in the Surrey Hills, had been on my radar for some time, its success bubbling up in the gin world.

So, one summer’s day not too many moons ago, I felt the strings of adventure pulling me south Travelling through rolling golden fields and lush vegetation, I stumbled upon exactly what I had been looking for – the headquarters of British distillers, Silent Pool. Nestled among blooming green leaves and shady tree awnings, Silent Pool are artisan gin distillers, capturing the essence of nature in their crisp and clean gin.

Ellie Bowman Surrey Hills
Rapping on the heavy wooden door, I was greeted by a smiling face and ready glass of neat gin, whisked away quickly on a tour of the magically natural estate. As we walked, my guide explained the genius of Silent Pool and why working sustainably with the natural world had been the cornerstone of their runaway success.

Silent Pool gin is made in carefully crafted steps, each one designed to add depth and flavour to the final spirit.

To begin with the team broke down each of their botanicals to their most simple level, trying to find the best way to extract the romantic flavours nestled in the Bosnian juniper berries liquorice root, cassia bark and other ingredients.

Then, the spirit is infused with tangy fresh orange and lime peel, dried pears and other secret touches, designed to give brightness to the sweet, clear liquid.

Finally, delicate notes of rose, lime leaf and elderflower oil are added to the mix before it travels into their hand-built copper still and returns a bright, floral, clean spirit.

My mind boggled at the ingenuity and attention to detail. The way the Silent Pool team made their gin was calm and controlled, every part working together to bring the best spirit from the natural world to my glass.

By the time I left, I felt renewed and refreshed, bubbling over with ideas and energy. Silent Pool had reinvigorated the calm, quiet energy that sustains me when the music stops and it’s just me and my cocktails, creating the brightest and best concoctions to bring to you.

The cocktail that would come from my chance encounter with The Silent Pool needed to be as clear, calm and refreshing as my time in the Surrey Hills. Something that complemented a quiet afternoon in the garden as well as a feast-worthy lunch on the patio.

Our tipple of choice? A lush citrusy burst of lemon and elderflower, combined with Silent Pool gin and fresh lemon juice, topped up with soda water and garnished with delicate slices of dehydrated lemon. Magnificent.

With the mercury rising and a long balmy summer approaching, I couldn’t suggest a more refreshing or weekend-perfect drink to go with than the Lemon and Elderflower Collins. You’ll get four generous drinks (and a smaller fifth, if you’re sharing) from the kit – just make sure to have some ice on hand as well as a couple of lemons for juicing and tall glasses for serving. Or, if you're heading out for the day, snap up one of the my Lemon and Elderflower Collins Cocktail Man tins – your brilliant on-the-go alternative to flat, stale tinnies. 

After that, it’s about the where, the when and the who. I’ve taken care of the rest.

Chin, chin.

The CM x