Roll Up, The Popcorn Martini Cocktail Kit Has Arrived... for a Limited Time Only

If there’s any food it’s impossible to eat in a friendly way it’s popcorn. It always starts innocently enough, grabbing one or two popped kernels but give it five minutes and I’m shovelling in handfuls of salty, sweet corn at the speed of light. Not exactly sauve, hey. But, is it delicious? Absolutely.

You see, there’s something special about popcorn, from being a top-tier cinema snack to the thing I grab when I need a break from crisps (the #1 cocktail developing nibble), it’s an unrivalled food.

But how did it make its way into a cocktail, you ask? Well. It’s a funny, fairly predictable story. 

In my world, Saturdays are for developing new flavours. I’m not yet “tired and emotional” from a night out (or in) and my mind is alive with weekend energy.

Recently, though, I found myself at a bit of a loss. I’ve muddled rhubarb and ginger before; elderflower and lemon has been done; I’ve even experimented with a smooth chocolate orange choctail. But what was to be next? I needed something special.

Grabbing a liberal handful of my “thinking snack”, I crunched and chomped on a bottomless bowl of popcorn and rattled through new ideas. In between scribbling names and scrawling possible new flavour combinations, I paused. Why would I not create something with my favourite snack: If I was already bringing popcorn into the cocktail development process, why wouldn’t I make a cocktail with it?

Fast forward and I present my limited edition Popcorn Martini cocktail kit. Packed full of everything you need to make five bar-worthy drinks at home, there’s even a sweet snacky surprise in there for you as well. (Joe & Seph’s Salted Caramel gourmet popcorn, anyone?) You’ll recognise the spirit, it’s the smooth and creamy Black Cow vodka, the perfect partner to my sweetly balanced Popcorn Sliqueur.

The only things you need to add are some glasses, a cocktail shaker, some double cream and a handful of ice cubes. The film is the dealer's (or bartender’s) choice! You'll need to move quick though, there's only 100 and once it's gone, it's gone. 

Catch you on the couch, friends. I’m the one with the family size tub of popcorn..

The CM x