Bring the Bar With You: Introducing The Cocktail Man’s On-The-Go Tipples

I’m finding it hard to believe that it’s all finally here: good weather, reunited friends and the reopening of our favourite haunts and special spots up and down the country. Between Saturday BBQs with friends and long lazy afternoons in the garden, there’s so much to be enjoyed, preferably with something cold and fresh in hand. 

You see, the issue with my beloved cocktail kits is that muddling and mixing, grating and twisting don’t lend themselves too well to your local green space. And, last time I checked, a cocktail shaker isn’t high on the list of picnic items. (If it is for you, call me – we might be long lost twins.) 

So, instead of subjecting you to the miserable comparison of deliciously fresh Cocktail Man cocktails at home and flat, overly-sweet tinnies in the park, I put my thinking cap on. How could I condense everything I already love – fresh ingredients, spectacular flavours and inventive combinations – into something that’s as easy to take with you as a sharing bag of crisps. How indeed…

After months of stirring up different concoctions, I struck gold. The perfect pairing of my signature Sliqueur with a luxury spirit and a special garnish to add flavour and flair at the end. 

The best bit? It’s all wrapped up in a park-perfect tin, easy to carry and even easier to re-use for dips, trips and out of home adventures. 

Sweet Pornstar Martinis, fresh Lemon and Elderflower Collins, tropical Mango and Passionfruit Mojitos, stormy Rhubarb Ginger Negronis or tart Raspberry Rose Gin Fizzes, the world is quite literally your oyster when it comes to sipping premium-grade cocktails.

Your garden, a friends’ garden or that special spot only you know about, take the Cocktail Man with you. It’s like having a mixologist in your picnic basket. Each tin makes three generous drinks, best sipped with a friend or two. 

The drinks you love, wherever you love to drink them. Magic? Sure feels like it. 

Enjoy, friends. 

The CM x