Don't Forget About Dad: Four New Father's Day Cocktails from The Cocktail Man

They work bloody hard, dads. From swing-pushing and bag carrying, to bad dancing and cracking some truly terrible jokes, they do a lot. But, often they’re forgotten about when it comes to gift giving. Yes, mum gets flowers and fizz but what does the man get? 

This year, I’m asking you to  put away the re-wrapped VHS of Shane Warne’s best wickets and the ‘best dad in the world mug’. Instead, I’ve got a few things your dad’s going to actually want.

First up, my brand new Blood Orange Whisky Sour cocktail kit. It’s smooth and tangy, with just the right amount of bitter sweetness. Whether you let dad play bartender, or you pop him in his chair and do the honours yourself – it’s a decidedly perfect drink to celebrate with. No doubt he’ll do his best Brando impression with the chocolate cigar I’ve popped in each box. (Dad jokes – what would we do without them?)

Or, if your dad’s more of the BBQ type, why not pick a drink made specifically for the great outdoors? My Apple & Pears Whisky Highball is a fresh newbie, designed to be mixed on the go, wherever you’re celebrating the old boy this year. Slosh in some apple juice, squeeze a squidgy lemon, top it off with ice and you’ll be set for a refreshingly delicious tipple.

Perhaps your dad’s been a real sport this year and you want to get him something a little more. Fair play to you. Fortunately, you’re still in the right place – so stick with me. There’s a Peach & Honey Iced Tea, stirred up with an unparalleled single malt whisky to bring kicked-back Southern sophistication to dad’s big day. A big one, you’ll make 22 cocktails from this kit. Perfect if you want to keep the celebration going and going and… oh, you get it. 

Finally, because I know some presents need an element of surprise – a delightful 3 month whisky cocktail subscription. Each month I’ll dispatch a new cocktail kit to your Pa with instructions on how to create at-home magic. A fun activity to do together or leave up to him, your choice. 

What makes all this Father’s Day fun possible? The unparalleled genius of Glenfiddich and their taste-perfect, award winning whisky. Created by craftsmen and distilled using eons of wisdom, their work makes for the perfect pour every time.

(Plump for the Peach & Honey Iced Tea cocktail and you’ll be able to try their smoky sweet Fire & Cane single-malt whisky. It’s a real winner.)

So, don’t let another June pass by without organising a little wonderful something for your Dad. He’s sure to love it. Trust me. 

And, when it comes, wish him a good one from The Cocktail Man, too.