Let's Get Personal: How to Create Your Very Own Personalised Cocktails

Things are better when they’re personal, right? Like, it’s all well and good receiving a birthday card from the office but when it just says “Happy Birthday” with a handful of hastily scrawled names… well, it kind of takes the zing out of your special day. Or, when you pop your morning coffee order in and it comes back in a cup with a name on it that even the most generous of imaginations can’t make read yours. It’s not the best feeling. (To all the Siobhan’s and Eoin’s out there, I sympathise.)

As a cocktail crafter, I find my drinks always feel personal, especially when they wend their way from my bar to your homes. It feels like we’re sharing a drink, somewhat! From my warmly spiced Rhubarb and Ginger Negroni to the sweet, smooth, tropical Pornstar Martini, there’s always been something special about coming up with something new to watching it be sipped and clinked by you!

Now, before you accuse me of becoming overly sentimental, let me explain why I’ve travelled so far down Personal Lane.... and there’s something in it for you too, so stick with me.

A few months ago, knowing that Christmas is fast approaching (yikes) and we all want to give our nearest and dearest something truly meaningful, I had a sudden brainwave: who knows best what your loved ones like than you?

Presenting the first of its kind, a fully customisable Cocktail Man experience. Instead of trusting me to create the flavour combinations you know and love, I want you to put yourself in the bartender driving seat and come up with bespoke creations of your own.

Starting with the base, you’ll be able to choose from sumptuous, luxurious spirit brands, including Grey Goose and Black Cow vodka, Hendricks and Conker gin and Monkey Shoulder. Yeah, I spoil you, I know.

Then, it’s time for the Sliqueur flavours. Pick from two signature Cocktail Man tastes and you’ll be good to go. Finally, plump for your favourite garnish, upload a personalised note and a photograph for the postcard we pop inside, too. 

A start-to-finish totally personal cocktail Christmas pressie, it doesn’t get much better. My mission as The Cocktail Man has always been about expanding your cocktail knowledge and exploring new tastes with surprising, delicious, delightful tastes. For you to experience the fun of that yourself, well, that’s what it’s all about for me. Merry, merry, everyone.


The CM x

P.S Make sure to tag the Cocktail Man if you post your creations, I’d love to see what you’re cooking up!