Countdown to Christmas with The Cocktail Man’s Classic Advent Calendar

There are a few big disappointments to adult life. Firstly, we all have that horrible realisation that Santa is probably just our dad in his slippers, sipping the whisky we laid out for the old boy and his twelve trusty reindeer. Then, when we have little ones of our own, we realise it’s now our turn to carefully potter around the living room trying to arrange everything rather than catching some much-needed kip. To add insult to injury, sometimes advent calendars go out the window for us oldies too. Not fun.

This year, rather than fight your sticky-fingered kids for a bite of their mini milk chocolate elf or make do with a countdown that opens onto pretty Christmas-inspired pictures (shudder), why not plump for something decidedly more delicious and strictly for grown-ups.

Presenting The Cocktail Man’s first cocktail advent calendar, prepare yourself for 24 days of terrific tipples – whether you choose to close each night of advent with a drink is up to you. If not, they keep perfectly well for the weekend, as well.

Each day from December 1st, open the door on an indulgent surprise, alternating between a smooth spirit and my signature syrupy Sliqueur mixer. By the time Santa comes, you’ll have 12 decadent cocktails ready to be mixed and muddled at home. (Of course, you can create them along the way if you want, too.) 

Featuring classic cocktail flavours and speciality Cocktail Man blends you won’t have tried yet, I think there’s something highly sophisticated about not scarfing a half-melted indistinguishable Chrismtas shape over breakfast. Instead, waiting until the end of the day for a burst of flavour and fun sounds like much more fun.

Now, because I want you to be ready for the first day of Advent (nobody goes without in The Cocktail Man’s world) you need to get your skates on. There’s a limited number of these and when they’re gone… Well, you get it.

Remember, you need to order by the last week of November to make sure we can deliver it in time for the first big day of the month.

So, pop your Cocktail Man Advent Calendar order in and start the anticipation for cold noses, roast turkey and a decimated tub of Quality Streets. I can’t wait.

Merry, merry.

The CM x