Crisp and Warm, Bundle Up with A Wonky Green Grocer Highball This Burns Night

There’s something wonderfully endearing about imperfect things: whether it’s the slight bend in dad’s nose, a homemade birthday cake that’s slightly sunk on one side, or the houseplant that refuses to grow straight. Little instances of life marching on, regardless of small, wonderful irregularities.

One of the ways I like to incorporate imperfections into my every day is by buying “wonky” (irregularly shaped) fruits and vegetables. What difference does a somewhat smaller carrot or pear-shaped apple make when chopped, diced, baked or roasted? Or, when it’s muddled into a fabulous cocktail? No, I promise not to make you mix carrots into a cocktail – but I might well ask you to change your mind about wonky apples.

Just as juicy and delicious as normal apples, wonky ones are the star of my newest, shiniest Cocktail Man kit: The Green Grocer Highball. A glorious blend of crisp apples and warm Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky, it pairs perfectly with dark nights and lots of layers.

I’ve popped pretty much everything you need in the box but make sure to add some lemons, soda water and ice to your weekly shop. You’ll shake the fresh lemon juice with my salvaged Bramley apple sliqueur and Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky, topping it up at the end with soda water and a dehydrated apple garnish.

Trust me, it’s exactly as easy as it sounds but I’ve included a handy cocktail recipe card to follow, too. There’s enough for four full-sized cocktails and a smaller fifth for any late joiners.

So, this Burns night (or any night, I’m not picky) pour yourself a glass of my Green Grocer Highball. If you happen to be near a crackling log fire or bonfire, even better.

Cheers, all.

The CM x