The Perfect Wimbledon Serve, A Limited Edition Brilliantly British Cocktail

There’s always something that makes summer official, isn’t there? Maybe it’s the inaugural BBQ, the debut annual flip-flop outing or the first time you leave your coat at home. Perhaps it’s when you spend a long, balmy evening in the garden, all thoughts of a sensible early night left behind, glass of something silky in hand. 

For me, it’s when Wimbledon starts. Those lush green stages, set with perfectly pressed whites, squeaky clean trainers and the promise of a few epic showdowns. Nothing better. 

The only issue I’ve ever found is knowing what to sip alongside the epic aces and sailing serves. Surely, you’d suggest something light and cool to break the heat, right? Well, yes, but I’ve got my Lemon and Elderflower Collins cocktail kit for that. If I’m feeling more fruity, there’s my Mango and Passionfruit Mojito cocktail kit ready to rumble. 

No, when Wimbledon starts, I want something decidedly British to drink. Something refreshing and delightful to make me feel that bit closer to the action on centre court. But, with the likelihood of securing tickets to the nation’s summer party being slimmer than ever, I knew there had to be something I could do to bring the atmosphere home, instead. 

Of course, the answer lay behind my bar. 

This year, I’d love you to join me for an extra special limited edition tipple: my brand new Strawberries and Cream Martini cocktail kit. Made with the creamy genius of Black Cow Strawberry Vodka and my signature strawberry flavoured sliqueur, a brilliant British cocktail is mere seconds away. Wherever you choose to celebrate (or commiserate), I’ve packed the whole shebang up in a handy tin to make taking the fun with you easier than ever. All you’ll need to add are ice cubes and decadent double cream. 

So, instead of skulking around supermarket aisles trying to shake up your summer drink, allow me to do the heavy lifting. But don’t dilly dally. There’s only a hundred of these kits to snap up and once they’re gone… they’re gone. 

Hopefully I’ll catch you in the park, sipping on a strawberry creation, dreaming of that day we’ll both be picked as Wimbledon’s most wild ever wildcard…

The CM x