Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Cocktails at Home...

If Valentine’s Day has you up Clueless Creek without so much as a paddle or plan on how to make it special at home, you’re in the right place. Because although this year is set to be more about Netflix than getting togged up for a night out, there’s no excuse to skimp on the drinks. Especially not when I’ve got two date-worthy, limited-edish cocktail kits designed especially for it. Plus, there’s some lust specific goodies squirreled away in each one. Think: sensual and slippery… but more on that later...

So, let me ask you first, what’s Valentine's day without a Pornstar?  My thoughts exactly

Enter the Pornstar Martini: a perfect muddle of our signature syrupy Sliqueur and best of the best, Black Cow Vodka. 

To garnish, sprinkle Vanilla Sugar over your finished tipple and start sipping. You’ll make five generous pours from the kit, which means there’s zero reason to cut the night short – unless you’re slinking off to bed, of course. That is always allowed.

As for the surprise? Well, tucked amongst your passion-fuelling Pornstar ingredients is a bottle of Lovehoney Vanilla Massage Oil: a smooth, slippery cherry on the perfect DIY Valentine’s date.

(In your preparations don’t forget to dash down a note of what you’ll need to whip it up properly at home: a cocktail shaker, pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, a handful of ice cubes and, if you’ve got ‘em, Martini glasses.)

Or, if you lust after smooth scents and tart tastes instead, I’ve got something up my mixologist sleeve for you, too: a Raspberry and Rose Gin Fizz

It’s fresh and botanical – a mix of our Raspberry and Rose Sliqeuer with premium cucumber-infused Hendricks Gin and sweet rosebuds to garnish. 

My favourite part is that it comes with a pleasure-promising Pomegranate Noir candle, too. Dim the lights, clink away and don’t worry about running out mid-meal: there’s five generous servings of this Instagram-ready cocktail for you and a lover to share.

(To make this the perfect Valentine’s drink, you’ll need a shaker, fresh lemon juice, soda water, a handful of ice cubes and your most favourite glasses – the taller the better.)

Lastly, if you’re celebrating all weekend long, grab both kits and mix it up. No one’s ever said no to a posh cocktail when it’s drunk in the name of love, have they? 

So, if like me you’re kissing goodbye to Dry January and non-alcoholic cocktails for another year, I suggest you pre-order these luxury limited edition kits ASAP. They’re the perfect pairing to make any date feel less living room, more lounge. You can trust me, I’m a bartender ;) 

Happy Valentine’s Day, all. The CM x