Getting through Dry January with a little help from The Cocktail Man...

What’s the secret to making Dry January la little less of a slog? Well, to be honest, I’m not even sure I would have made it this far if it was just good old tap water, squash, tea on repeat. All the other months of the year, I’m inventing new mixes – remember my Salted Caramel Old Fashionedand that beaut Champagne Cosmopolitan? – and I thought, I’m a mixologist, why should this month be any different?

So I started playing around with flavours that lack the booze but punch well above their weight on taste. Drinks that are packed full of passion and excitement but don’t result in me slurring or nursing a sore head the next morning!

The first one, a cool Cucumber and Mint Collins Mocktail I’ve made easy enough to be mixed and muddled at home. Crisp and refreshing, I won’t be surprised if you mistake it for the real thing. There’s enough in there for four generous servings and a sneaky fifth to tide you over midweek. You’ll get to play barman anddrinker – the dream! There are also some dehydrated limes for you to pop on at the end. What’s a proper drink without a garnish, eh?

[Cucumber & Mint Collins Mocktail]

Then, because I know you love fruity numbers, a Jasmine and Watermelon Daisy mocktail that’ll knock your socks off. A tropical blend of sunshine and gorgeous watermelon, it’ll make you feel like you’re on the beach, soaking up the sunshine and ordering cocktails by the handful. All you need to do is add ice and some fun glasses. No stress if you don’t have the classic cocktail ones, it’ll tastes delish no matter what you serve it in. And if you’ve got a hollowed-out coconut at home, I won’t say no to that either.

[Jasmine & Watermelon Daisy]

So, there you have it. Two delicious Mocktails I hope (and know) you’ll love and a pretty wonderful way to get through Dry January with your chin up. Not bad, huh?

Catch you next time when I’m sure we’ll be back to stirring up something a little stronger. The CM x