The Perfect Christmas Crackers for this years Party

Christmas crackers are an exceptional novelty around the dinner table, providing a small explosive connection between you and another person as you discover who gets the bigger end. 

These crackers usually contain a tissue party hat, a joke and perhaps a small gift or toy, depending on the cracker you have. 

A Christmas crackers use, however, is entirely household specific, with some people using them as decorations while others bring them out before a meal.

Our Christmas crackers are a little different, but before we get into those, let’s look at the history of Christmas Crackers. 

How Were Christmas Crackers Invented?

Despite the appearance of ordinary Christmas crackers, the design was inspired by the French treat, the ‘bonbon’ and the sound of a log fire. 

Sounds crazy, right?

The bonbon is served wrapped in a twist of tissue paper that has been a hit around the world around Christmas for centuries.

London-based confectioner Tom Smith loved cakes and sweets and saw the bonbon as an opportunity to provide some cheer by adding small mottos and jokes inside their wrappers. 

The crackling of a log fire sparked interest in creating an ‘explosive pop’, and with that, Smith patented his first cracker concept in 1847. The friction of paper layered with silver fulminate causes the small explosive pop that we’ve come to love today. 

What Makes Our Christmas Crackers Different?

Christmas crackers present an excellent opportunity to spark a moment at the dinner table. Whether between families, loved ones or friends, taking a small break to create an explosive pop is always fun. 

While we may not include graphically impressive designs or toys in our crackers, we have something that everyone of drinking age can enjoy at this year’s Christmas party...


Each box contains four luxurious Christmas-inspired cocktail crackers, allowing you to make one of our festive cocktails around the table. 

What do These Include?

What you receive in your box depends on the crackers you treat yourself to.

For example, here’s what you’ll receive in our Snowy Pornstar Martini & Frosty Espresso Martini Cocktail Crackers:

  • 1 x 50ml Premium Vodka (41.4%)
  • 1 x 20ml Sliqueur Blend (10%)
  • 1 x Festive Cocktail Garnish
  • 1 x Christmas Hat
  • 1 x Cracker Joke
  • Detailed instructions

With free delivery!

The perfect combination to make an extraordinary cocktail this Christmas. With our detailed instructions, you can make the cocktails in front of your guests for that extra wow factor!

Also, don’t forget to crack everyone up with the included joke and be the show’s star with our Christmas hat. 

When Should You Open Your Christmas Crackers?

Due to the contents of our unique Christmas crackers, we recommend opening them as a party starter - before a meal. Doing so will allow you to enjoy the ‘pop’ and create your own cocktail table. 

You can also use the crackers as the main event - where the head of the table can mix up the guest’s cocktails while the party is underway. 

You’ll require some glasses, a cocktail shaker, fresh lemon, fresh lime, a handful of ice cubes, and a moment to enjoy.

Do Christmas Crackers go on Your Christmas Tree?

While your crackers can be a great table decoration or placement, you can add them to your tree as a gift, stocking filler, or a tasty tree ornament. Make sure your tree is sturdy enough if you add the crackers to the tree individually. 

Placing your crackers away from the table, however, prevents you from enjoying its contents tableside during a get-together or party. 

How to Grab Your Crackers

There’s still time before Christmas to get your hands on some cocktail crackers - whether indulging in our Snowy Pornstar Martini & Frosty Espresso crackers or treating yourself and your guests to a Candy Cane Fizz & Berry and Bright Gin bundle

Check out our festive Cocktail crackers and kits to make this Christmas one to remember.