4 Romantic Valentines Day Cocktails for That Special Someone

It's Valentine's day, and love is in the air! 

People around the world gather to spend time with their loved ones, one's they hold dear, or to celebrate one's self. In Argentina, love is celebrated with a week of sweetness in July, whereas people celebrate with handmade cards pressed with white flowers in Denmark. 

For us, we can't overlook an opportunity to create some fantastic, Valentine's day inspired cocktails. 

Cocktails are more than just a drink; they're an experience. Celebrating isn't always about the outcome - and similarly to beginning a relationship - the journey is as, if not more, joyous & memorable. 

Our cocktail kits are designed to give you everything you need to prepare a world-class cocktail in a flash. Yet, you can use them to create an experience that your significant other, or special someone, will never forget. 

Here's our list of 4 perfect cocktails you can enjoy this valentines day:



A twist on the classic pornstar martini is precisely what's needed this valentine. 

With our signature Tropical Sliqueur; blended with Mango, Passion Fruit, Coconut & Tonka Bean, you can enjoy a topical sensation this Feb with the Pornstar Valentini Cocktail.

Send the perfect message to that special someone with love heart sweets to garnish, and it'll be smiles all around.



They do say that chocolate is the food of love. 

A deep whiskey flavour combined with our signature salted caramel Sliqueur is sure to send sparks across the room. Combine this with four delicious chocolates to garnish, and you can't get any more romantic. 

The Old-fashioned Love Song is the perfect drink to close out a wonderful valentines day. 



In Greek mythology, cupid was said to be armed with a bow and quiver of gold and leaden arrows. 

Those struck with gold arrows would arouse desire, while those with leaden arrows would ignite aversion. 

Fortunately, we've only fired golden arrows at our Cupids Gin Fizz Cocktail - a romantic twist on the Ramos Gin Fizz using our signature Floral Sliqueur; blended with Raspberry, Rose, Hibiscus & Pomegranate.



While apples might be more closely related to love and fertility than the strawberry, their symbology with the goddess Venus is what has us turning to chocolate-covered strawberries each Valentine's. 

While we don't claim our cocktails have the essence of Venus in them, we will say that the taste may make you see hearts in your eyes. 

Our romantic twist on the classic Gimlet, our Berry Velvet Gimlet uses our signature Berry Sliqueur; blended with Strawberry, Blackberry, Cranberry & Lychee will have you wishing for more!

Make This Valentine’s One to Remember

The beauty of our cocktail kits is that you can take them where you need them; they don't have to only be a treat at the end of the day. If you're preparing for a big day out or have plans to travel, you can take our kits along to provide a refreshing, romantic experience wherever you are.

You can even incorporate them into your plans - making a cocktail here and there throughout the day to keep the romance and great taste throughout the day. 

Add our Valentine's cocktail kits to your valentines plans.