The Perfect Balance: The Cocktail Man & Reyka

What if I told you I knew of a vodka that’s been crafted from pure Arctic glacier water and filtered through genuine lava rocks? You’d think I was mad, right?

Well, you’d be half right. I am mad – mad for spectacular spirits and exceptional cocktail ideas. 

Wrapped in my puffiest, warmest coat and armed with wooly mittens knit by Mum, I went North in search of a particularly special vodka: Reyka. I knew they had won awards for their ingenious distilling method and clean, crisp drink. What I didn’t know was how it would feel to sip on it surrounded by its natural habitat of lava fields and splashing narwhals. 



By the time I was happily installed at Reyka HQ, with a glass of their Icelandic vodka in hand, it was dawning on me how wonderfully unique it truly is. The clever clogs behind the inventive creation talked me through exactly what makes it so special. 

First they start with Arctic water, collected from a glacial spring that runs through a four-thousand year old lava field. Sounds like a story book, doesn’t it? It’s then distilled in an incredibly rare Carter Head still of which there are only six in the world! 

When it comes to filtering the vodka, they run it through lava rocks. As in, rocks made from actual lava. Mental, right. It’s this filtering process that gives it the signature smooth, clean taste we know and love. 

The best bit? Their distillery is powered by geothermal energy from underground volcanoes. Zero-emissions and they can legitimately say their vodka is volcano powered. Amazing! 

 With chattering teeth I took a bottle out with me that night, a worthy fried to help me wait out the psychedelic skies I knew Iceland was so famous for. As I sat under the stars, I couldn’t keep my mind from wandering back to the inventive spirit stashed in my pocket.   

I was sure there was a cocktail it could be perfect for. The distinctive crisp taste of Reyka with one of my signature Sliqueur creations would be magnificent – I just needed to wait for inspiration to strike. Where better than under the flickering Northern Lights? Stay tuned for what I cooked up. 


Sé þig seinna! (See you later!) 

The CM x