Dinner & Drinks? The Cocktail Man and Restokit Have You Sorted

It’s been a funny old time of it recently, hasn’t it? I don’t know about you but I’m fairly bored with bread baking, endless Zoom quizzes and sweating with bloomin’ Joe Wicks in the garden. None of it seems to have the same zing as when we first started living and working at home full time.

In fact, I’ve found that outside of cocktails, I’ve lost inspiration for cooking new things, too.

Pasta, potatoes, anything beige and baked within an inch of its life has been the catch of the day for a while now. But, no longer. Staring into my Saturday night supper of pesto Penne, I thought there must be another way to celebrate the end of the working week that wasn’t inhaling a packet of crisps or seeing how much Netflix I’m able to plough through. 

So I started Googling. It began simply enough, trying to find new recipes with interesting ingredients, but as I got hungrier I started trawling the usual places for takeaway options to spice things up (and get me fed quicker). Annoyingly, I had tried everything.

I wanted something new and exciting! Something to do away with the boredom of this third lockdown and endless loop of walks in the park and dreadfully healthy early nights.

Fortunately, it was my final search for ‘restaurant-quality food at home’ that produced the winner. Have you heard of Restokit? I hadn't, but it was exactly what I was looking for.



It’s this fantastic service that allows you to order from the restaurants you know, love and miss and recreate their signature dishes at home. Everything is prepared freshly by chefs, packaged up and sent to you to create a restaurant experience at home. 

I tipped and tapped away and had a delivery from one of my favourite Portuguese restaurants on the way. But what to drink with it…

Fortunately, I had a stash of Cocktail Man kits at home – there are some perks to being The Cocktail Man, after all. But what about other people? Ordering a kit and dinner separately seemed like such a faff to me.

Enter the perfect opportunity for a brand new Cocktail Man collab!

Some efficient emailing and top tier organisation later and The Cocktail Man and Restokit have created a spectacular dinner and drinks agenda – you can order one of their meals and pair it with one of my cocktail kits! Amazing, right?

Whether you prefer a Rhubarb & Ginger Negroni, Lemon and Elderflower Collins, Salted Caramel Old Fashioned or Chocolate Espresso Martini, there’s something for everyone.

Pair them with a delicious dinner from Mediterranean inspired Delamina or something crunchy from East London gem CRISPIN. Cocktails and ramen? It’s got to be Shoryu. Modern Indian cuisine tickling your tastebuds? Make it a Trishna meal with something sharp and light to sip (a Lemon and Elderflower type-a thing would go perfectly, in my humble mixology opinion).

So, get ordering and let’s raise a glass (and a fork!) to brighter evenings and better days ahead. They are coming!

The CM x