Mum's The Word...

If you’re anything like me, your mum was probably the person who did everything from soothe scraped knees to commiserate heartbreaks and celebrate big wins with you. Whether it was passing my driving test or getting a new job, she’s always been there – rooting for me to succeed, often without much praise for how much work and heart she puts into it all.

Well, this year, when lots of us are away from our mums, I thought, let’s make them feel loved with a special Cocktail Man delivery, one of my limited edition Mother’s Day cocktails. There’s two to choose from and they’re wonderfully different, depending on what your mum likes to sip. Scroll on for the two ways we’d like to show mum how much we appreciate her this Mother’s Day.

Limited Edition Mother's Day Raspberry Rose Gin Fizz 


For the mum who likes something sweet but not sickly, something tart without being too sharp, plump for my Raspberry Rose Gin Fizz – a tipple that’s pretty as a picture and tastes delicious too. 

You’ll muddle zingy cucumber-infused Hendricks Gin with my special Raspberry Rose Sliqueur (the syrupy base to all our cocktails, Sliquer is the special sauce to make your cocktails sing) and shake the whole thing up with lemon juice and sparkling soda water.

The best bit? Not only does the kit contain everything you need to spoil her at home this year – including dried rose buds for the prettiest garnish – but we’ve also hidden a bar of rose milk chocolate in there as well. 

Go on, you know she’ll love it. 

Limited Edition Mother's Day Lemon & Elderflower Collins 


Or, if your mum prefers Spring flavours – think clean citrus vibes – my Lemon and Elderflower Collins is just the ticket. Surrey’s own Silent Pool Gin mixed with Sliqueuer, fresh lemon juice and soda water make it a refreshing and invigorating drink, the consummate partner to a blooming March afternoon celebrating and making merry. I’ve stashed some dehydrated lemon slices to garnish and a signature Cocktail Man scented candle for ultimate relaxation. 

Whichever flavour you pick – and I do hope you pick one for your hardworking Mum – there’s enough to whip up four generous cocktails and a smaller fifth to finish the evening off. Don’t fret about not knowing how to muddle a Gin Fizz or make an Elderflower Collins, there’s also a detailed recipe card in each one to make sure your cocktail is as good as if I was there making it for you IRL. 

So, to all the mums out there who do more for us than we could ever possibly understand, thank you and cheers. This one’s for you. 

Big love,