Cocktails throughout cinematic history...

Whether you’re loved up or loving yourself this year, chances are we’re all going to be sat on the sofa watching something on the telly this Valentine’s Day. Without the usual restaurant reservations, the evening looms long and after a delicious dinner and Cocktail Man tipple (or three), I’m sure you’re going to be tuning into something classic. From The Great Gatsby to Casablanca and The Big Lebowski, I’ve rounded up the chicest, most enviable cocktails sipped on throughout cinematic history. What can I say? I’m a barman to my bones, it’s hard to switch off! 


1. Casablanca (1942): French 75

The French 75 is the hero of this Valentine’s Day classic.  A cocktail made from gin, champagne, lemon juice, and sugar, it’s a bittersweet drink, bright with citrus and fizz. Sipped on by Humphrey Bogart, it’s one of only two cocktails explicitly mentioned by name during the film. 

If you want to mix up a happier ending for you and your lover, I suggest my Champagne Cosmopolitan. It’s a brilliant muddle of East London Liquor Vodka, Champagne and Citron Sliqueur and cranberry juice – that slips down smoother than the indelible line: ‘Here’s looking at you, kid.’ 


2. Casino Royale (2006): Vesper Martini 

James Bond’s infamous cocktail lives on in pop culture history: a martini, shaken not stirred. Requested by everyone from Connery to Craig, there’s no movie-tipple more well known. Whilst 007 swerves chocolate and coffee when it comes to his Martini, I’ve always thought the added kick gives it something else: a sweet, strong edge that makes the night feel younger than perhaps it ought to be. 

To make it easier for you to live out your own Martini dream, I’ve created the perfect Espresso Martini kit. You’ll stir my signature Coffee and Chocolate Sliqueur into Grey Goose and fresh espresso for the perfect pour at home. (Bond’s devil may care attitude is optional but encouraged.)


3. The Big Lebowski (1998): White Russian

There’s not a man I’d like to be more than The Dude. Calm under pressure (and there’s a helluva lot of pressure), with a penchant for milky White Russians and spending entire days in his dressing-gown, Jeff Bridges’ plays a man totally at war with the frenetic world around him. Whether he’s spilling them in the back of limos, mixing them in experimental art studios or drinking them in his dilapidated living room, he’s never far from the comforting cocktail. 

Make like The Dude this year and whip up my creamy Chocolate Orange Mudslide Choctail – it’s sweet and zesty and comes with a full-size bar of chocolate that’s ideal for movie munching. 


4. Some Like it Hot (1959): Manhattan

A classic like no other, Some Like it Hot is non-negotiable when it comes to famous cocktails. The film’s most notable drink – a stiff Manhattan, served with a Maraschino cherry for garnish is a strong choice, a mix of vermouth, whiskey and bitters. 

And what better to watch an old fashioned classic with than a new classic: my Salted Caramel Old Fashioned. Smooth, silky with a sweet twist and smoky finish, I’m certain Marilyn would approve. 


5.The Great Gatsby (2013): Gin Rickey

Gatsby describes consuming the Rickey in ‘long, greedy swallows’ and, to be honest, I can’t blame him. It’s a wonderfully refreshing drink: cooling mint and cucumber swirling together with lime, gin and ice. 

But a great tasting drink doesn’t always have to be boozy – my Cucumber and Mint Rickey is alcohol-free which makes it perfect for a sober Valentine’s Day.

 All you’ll need is a handful of ice, a cocktail shaker and some glasses, I’ve done the rest of the leg work for you so you can get back to celebrating the day of love. Because, that’s what I’m here for, right?

However you spend it, I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with classic films and a cocktail on hand. I know mine will be. 

With love, 

The Cocktail Man x