A Three Month Cocktail Experience

A Three Month Cocktail Experience

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3 x 50ml Premium Spirits (40%)

2 x 50ml The Cocktail Man's Sliqueur (10%)

1 x Signature Garnish

1 x Exclusive Cocktail Recipe


A 3 month cocktail subscription results in you receiving a series of different cocktails every month for 3 months.

Each month, our letterbox-sized, art deco-style cocktail kit will contain pretty much everything you need to mix 4 bar-quality cocktails.

The monthly cocktail kits are dispatched on the 15th of every month and will contain an exclusive cocktail recipe, three premium spirits, two of The Cocktail Man's very own Sliqueur and a signature garnish.

All you’ll require are the fresh ingredients, a cocktail shaker, glassware, a handful of ice cubes and a moment to enjoy.

Here at The Cocktail Man we're on a mission to provide you with that professional cocktail lounge experience in the comfort of your own home, a weekend away or even in the office if that's how you roll. Happy mixing, prepare to lose the bar fright and take the limelight.