This luxurious, art deco-style gift box contains pretty much everything you need to mix 6 bar-quality cocktails.


The Gingerbread Alexander; delightful anytime, but particularly good to have up your sleeve for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, wedding gifts or thank yous.


Inside you’ll find Martell VS Cognac, The Cocktail Man's very own Gingerbread Sliqueur, detailed instructions and Mini Gingerbread Men to garnish your cocktail. All you’ll require are some martini glasses, a cocktail shaker, single cream and a handful of ice cubes.


Like Superman is actually Clark Kent, The Cocktail Man is really James Vyse. He’s an award-winning mixologist who turned down his dream job managing the bar in London’s The Shard, so that he could provide you with that professional cocktail lounge experience in the comfort of your own home, a weekend away, or even in the office if that’s how you roll.


His mission is for budding mixologists to lose the bar fright, and take the limelight.


  • 4 x 50ml Martell VS Cognac (40%)

    2 x 50ml Gingerbread Sliqueur (10%)

    6 x Mini Gingerbread Men to Garnish

    1 x Cocktail Recipe with Instructions