If Valentine’s Day has you up Clueless Creek without so much as a paddle or plan on how to make it special at home, you’re in the right place; I’ve got two date-worthy, limited-edition cocktail kits designed especially for it.

Enter the Passionfruit Pornstar Martini: a perfect muddle of our signature syrupy Sliqueur and best of the best, Black Cow Vodka. As a little added surprise, tucked amongst your passion-fuelling Pornstar ingredients is a bottle of Lovehoney Vanilla Massage Oil: a smooth, slippery cherry on the perfect DIY Valentine’s date.

Or, if you lust after smooth scents and tart tastes instead, I’ve got something up my mixologist sleeve for you, too: a Raspberry and Rose Gin Fizz
It’s fresh and botanical – a mix of our Raspberry and Rose Sliqueur with premium cucumber-infused Hendricks Gin and sweet rosebuds to garnish. 

My favourite part is that it comes with a pleasure-promising Pomegranate Noir candle, too. Dim the lights, clink away and don’t worry about running out mid-meal: there’s five generous servings of this Instagram-ready cocktail for you and a lover to share.