Luxe Champagne Cosmopolitan Cocktail Experience

Luxe Champagne Cosmopolitan Cocktail Experience

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3 x 50ml Absolut Citron Vodka (40%)

2 x 50ml Champagne Sliqueur (10%)

1 x Edible Silver Leaf to Garnish

1 x Cocktail Recipe with Instructions 


This luxurious, art deco-style gift box contains pretty much everything you need to mix 4 bar-quality cocktails.

The Champagne Cosmopolitan; delightful anytime, but particularly good to have up your sleeve for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding gifts or thank yous.

Inside you’ll find Absolut Citron Vodka (40%), The Cocktail Man's very own Champagne Sliqueur (10%), detailed instructions and Edible Silver Leaf to garnish your cocktail.

All you’ll require are some martini glasses, a cocktail shaker, cranberry juice, fresh lemon juice, a handful of ice cubes and a moment to enjoy.

Here at The Cocktail Man we're on a mission to provide you with that professional cocktail lounge experience in the comfort of your own home, a weekend away or even in the office if that's how you roll. Happy mixing, prepare to lose the bar fright and take the limelight.