What Tools Does a Mixologist Need?

Creating top-notch cocktails sounds easy on paper, but doing so without the right tools quickly becomes a nightmare.

Each tool is vital for mastering the art of mixology, from cocktail shakers for blending to muddlers for crushing herbs. While our cocktail kits usually only require a shaker, having more tools at your disposal creates more options to wow your party guests and create a memorable drink.

Essential Bar Tools

An essential tool for every bar and household mixology collection is the cocktail shaker - used to blend ingredients. It ensures that flavours are well-mixed and your drink is properly chilled.

Second is a bar spoon, a tool ideal for stirring cocktails gently to prevent over-dilution. A jigger is indispensable for accurate drink measurements, helping to achieve the perfect balance of flavours.

Muddlers are essential for crushing herbs, fruits, or spices, releasing their flavours into the drink, and making the task easier than using a fork or spoon. Finally, a strainer is the last icing on the cocktail cake, ensuring no unwanted pulp or ice makes its way into your perfectly crafted cocktail.

Measuring Instruments

Precise measurements are vital in every cocktail. A minor mishap can result in an entirely different flavoured drink. Measuring jiggers are a must-have tool for every mixologist, ensuring a perfectly balanced drink.

These double-sided measures typically measure one ounce on one side and 1.5 ounces on the other, allowing easy accuracy for both the mixer and the sliqueur.

Mixologists can benefit from regular kitchen tools like scales and liquid measuring cups. The idea behind having a mixology arsenal is to account for all needs, not just the "bar" specific tools. Measuring jugs and cups can be invaluable when nothing else is on hand.

A regular kitchen scale can be just what is needed for recipes that require exact weights.

Shakers and Strainers

The flavour is just one piece of the cocktail puzzle. Texture and presentation hold equal weight when presenting to a crowd or looking to wow your party guests.

Shakers and strainers are important tools mixologists use to control these elements.

A shaker helps blend ingredients thoroughly, chilling and diluting the mix to create an ideal balance. Shakers come in two main types: Cobbler shakers, which have a built-in strainer, and Boston shakers, which require an external strainer.

Cobbler shakers are more user-friendly, but you sacrifice the precision of the Boston shaker in the process, which is favoured by professionals for their larger capacity and efficiency.

However, if you're shaking up one of our cocktails or looking to create a beautifully-tasting drink at home, you can't go wrong with a cobbler shaker.

Once shaken, the strainer ensures no ice or fruit pulp enters the drink, enhancing its smoothness and appearance. Common types of strainers include Hawthorne and Julep strainers, each suitable for different cocktail styles.

Every mixologist knows that investing in quality shakers and strainers is a necessary step to elevating the quality of their drinks.

Mixing Spoons and Muddlers

No tools have a better place for flavour infusion and ingredient distribution than mixing spoons and muddlers.

The long handle of the mixing spoon is perfect for stirring drinks in tall glasses and pitchers without spilling. These spoons also help to blend ingredients thoroughly while gently mixing to avoid excessive dilution.

When it comes to releasing flavours, muddlers have you covered. Essential for muddling herbs, fruits, sugar cubes and more. By pressing and twisting ingredients at the bottom of your glass/shaker, muddlers help extract essential oils, juices and flavours, further enhancing the taste of your cocktail.

Sturdy muddlers with textured ends are effective for muddling without damaging your glassware.


Now that you have learned about the essential tools a mixologist needs, you can confidently start creating delicious cocktails at home or in a professional setting.

You have everything you need to impress your guests with perfectly crafted drinks with measuring instruments, shakers, strainers, mixing spoons, muddlers, glassware, and garnish tools.

So grab your tools, get mixing, and let your creativity shine in every cocktail you make!