Unveiling the Magic of Sliqueurs: Your Guide to The Cocktail Man's Signature Blends

Born from our dream to eliminate bar fright and improve the accessibility of cocktail making, we created Sliqueur. The goal of Sliqueur is to revolutionise home mixology and bridge the gap between easy-to-create cocktails and bar-grade quality. Regardless of your experience in making drinks, Sliqueurs offer a guiding hand, enabling you to experiment without fear of wasting ingredients. 


What are Sliqueurs? 


You may have seen our range of Sliqueur flavours and wondered what they are. While each of our cocktail kits contains Sliqueur, they're also available on their own.


Sliqueurs are specially crafted blends of syrups and liqueur, each designed to bring a unique character to your cocktails. They serve as the syrupy, muddled base of our cocktail kits, inviting your alcohol of choice to a dance of flavour profiles. 


Coming in various flavours, our Sliqueurs offer you a convenient way to up your home mixology game. With them, you can experiment with flavours, knowing that the result will retain its high-quality flavour and taste, regardless of what cocktail you choose to make.


The Variety of Flavours 


While we continue experimenting with different flavours, some staples provide an array of tantalising flavours you can leverage for your next gathering or party. 


Our Roasted Sliqueur is perfect for those who love a deep, espresso-kissed cocktail, while our Floral Sliqueur shines with aromatic experiences. For fruity and zesty, look no further than our Berry and Citrus Sliqueurs.


If a fresh, herby taste is what you're looking for, then our Garden Sliqueur is a perfect choice. 


Sliqueurs are used to enhance the desired flavour profile of your drink. A gin fizz can have so many different variants when you leverage other flavour profiles of our Sliqueur - lending way to unique combinations. Want to add a different taste to your regular martini? There's no easier method than to add a flavoured Sliqueur to the mix. 


Our standalone Sliqueurs and tasting boxes can give you a quick taste of what to expect from our flavours and spark your creative side to think of unique combinations. 


The Cocktail Man Baked Sliqueur


How to Use Our Sliqueurs 


To use Sliqueurs, pair with your alcohol of choice and mix. You can add 25ml Roasted Sliqueur to a martini to recreate our Espresso Martini or combine it with a Gin or Rum to create something equally tasty. 


It's important to remember that our Sliqueurs are not a replacement for alcohol; instead, they combine to get the desired bar-grade result. Pour all the ingredients you normally would into your cocktail shaker and add the Sliqueur. 


Shake them all together and pour. 


It's as easy as that. You can also try mixing our Sliqueurs for some rather unique results; however, note that these weren't created to be mixed, so you may find one flavour profile far outweighing another when combined. 


Sliqueurs for Everyone 


The beauty of our signature Sliqueurs lies in their inclusivity and versatility. They're not just designed for cocktail connoisseurs but for anyone looking to dabble in the art of mixology. The simplicity makes them perfect for beginners, creating a failure-proof opening to mix, match, experiment, and combine until your heart's content. 


Enhance your Mixology with Sliqueurs 


Our signature Sliqueurs are a celebration of the joy and creativity of cocktail-making. They're the perfect fit for any gathering or occasion, allowing you to create something unique while allowing your guests to customise their own drinks hassle-free. 


If you want to try our Sliqueur, we recommend a taster box. These boxes contain three smaller Sliqueur bottles, perfect for trying and testing with your favourite drinks. 


You can find these boxes in our shop here