Why I Had to Kiss the Hippo to make the Perfect Martini

Ah, the Espresso Martini. One of my favourite tipples of an evening, it’s forever the cocktail that makes me feel that there’s always more fun to be had. Smooth and rich with dark chocolate, it’s equal parts indulgent treat and equal parts zingy buzz – perfect for dancing to into the wee hours or nursing by a crackling fire.

The thing about Espresso Martinis that people forget though, is that for them to be truly delicious, every part needs to be excellent. And that goes double for the espresso. We’ve all had a burned coffee or a coffee that tastes just south of lighter fluid. And that’s fine for when we’re on the motorway with nothing but miles between us and our destination. But to muddle into a Cocktail Man Espresso Martini kit? Absolutely not. 

Fortunately this year, I discovered a British outfit that takes caffeine as seriously as I take cocktails. Don’t believe me? They won UK Barista of the Year (2019 & 2020) not a year after opening their doors! Their name? Kiss the Hippo. An ethical, sustainable coffee company born from the idea that good coffee shouldn’t cut corners in either their supply chain or their environmental impact.

From fully compostable pods to beans sourced directly from farmers, Kiss the Hippo has been making java-shaped waves I couldn’t ignore. On a recce mission, I travelled down to Richmond and ordered a double shot of the house espresso. With notes of chocolate and butterscotch, I was transported away from the high street and straight to single-origin heaven. Smooth and deep, I knew it would pair brilliantly with my Espresso Martini and a night or two on the living room tiles.



Brilliantly, the clever team behind Kiss the Hippo were on board and after some (very necessary) team tasting meetings, our Kiss the Hippo x The Cocktail Man Chocolate Espresso Martini kit was born. Velvet smooth and wonderfully zippy, let us transport you to our cocktail lounge from the comfort of your own sofa. All you’ll need are some martini glasses, a cocktail shaker and a handful of ice cubes. Simple, smooth and delicious, I can’t wait for you to try it.

With love,

The CM x