The Cocktail Man & Silent Pool Distillers

Sustainable spirits – that’s what we like to hear, isn’t it? Drinks made in tune with the natural world, creating and crafting without hurting the surroundings at the same time. The dream. One such distillery, a hidden gem tucked away in the Surrey Hills has been a favourite of ours for a long time.


So, one summer’s day not too many moons ago, I felt the strings of adventure pulling me south through rolling golden fields and lush vegetation, I stumbled upon exactly what I had been looking for – the headquarters of British distillers, Silent Pool. Nestled among blooming green leaves and shady tree awnings, Silent Pool are artisan gin distillers, capturing the essence of nature in their crisp and clean gin.


Rapping on the heavy wooden door, I was immediately greeted by excited faces and an alluring glass of Rare Citrus Gin. I was told that the Gin was blended with some of the rarest citrus fruits found across the globe. Not that I needed to be told; This is no ‘flavoured’ gin. The Gin instantly warmed my insides, whilst the bright and zesty notes of citrus ran cool through my veins. I felt reborn.


My mind boggled at the ingenuity and attention to detail. The way the Silent Pool team made their gin was calm and controlled, every part working together to bring the best spirit from the natural world to my glass.


Rare Citrus Gin possesses a complexity and individuality derived from the unique combination of distinctively different rare citrus fruits, captivating spices and classic Silent Pool Gin ingredients like juniper, cassia bark andhoney. Expertly blended by their master distillers each part working together to bring the best spirit from the natural world to my glass.


By the time I left, I felt renewed and refreshed, bubbling over with ideas and energy. Silent Pool had reinvigorated the calm, quiet energy that sustains me when the music stops and it’s just me and my cocktails, creating the brightest and best concoctions to bring to you.


The cocktail that would come from my experience with Silent Pool’ Rare Citrus Gin needed to be just as exciting and refreshing as my time in the Surrey Hills; but deep enough to be the perfect aperitif to say goodbye to the last Halcyon days of summer.


So, Say Hello to our limited-Edition Peach and Grapefruit Sour; a cocktail worthy of the spirit. All you’ll need to do is mix Silent Pool’s Rare Citrus Gin with our very own Peach & Pink Grapefruit Sliqueur and garnish with some dried marigold. The result; The Rarest Cocktail in Town.


It’s a cocktail which balances bright and zesty with a subtly sweetness. It’s

enticingly rich, yet the beautifully aromatic spices ensure it’s a cocktail filled with contradiction and wonder. With the days drawing in and the leaves turning, this is the Perfect Cocktail to help transition the seasons and appreciate the wonders of nature.



The CM x