Love after first pint…

Love after first pint…

Posted on September 23 2020, By: James Vyse

Love after first pint…

Walking into a sticky bar, back home in south wales, I had already entered the industry, but not quite in the form of cocktails… just yet.

Working behind the bar was not meant to be a career, it was meant to be a ‘job’, career was to be a footballer, but I swapped the ball for the ice and never looked back.

After pulling my first pint, I remember looking over at the mixologist shaking away, and thinking give us some of that; it was a white cocktail he poured and it got me intrigued – so I asked my manager, how can I do that?

Showing a keen interest, I started my bar training and remember the first cocktail exploding all over my white shirt, not so fun now was it sunshine?

Just like football, I wanted to become the best, so that explosion didn’t stop me, just like being a short goalkeeper didn’t stop me playing football (it did).

After numerous hours of mixing, I started to get the hang of creating delicious tasting drinks, from the Mojtio to Pornstar Martini, these cocktails gripped my attention and I started to feel what makes the Pornstar martini so beautiful – lots of passion.

I outgrew the bar scene in Swansea and took a leap of faith moving to London and managing my first ever bar – I was now definitely a better barman than I was footballer, in fact, now I make my own drinks, I can call myself a really fancy word; A mixologist – Lush!

Creating my first menu made me feel smug, but what made me even more smug was when I could provide my lovely customers with a unique tasting experience, as nothing gets me more down than not playing well behind the bar.

Over time, customers become intrigued, not because of my welsh accent in big old London, but because they wanted to know how to make the cocktails taste so nice, just like me… The Cocktail Man.

There it was, he was born, the infamous mixologist who set out to bring his cocktails to your front room, although the girlfriend wasn’t too happy when I told her I quit my job.